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Top 10 Limited Series of 2010

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Been a little bit since I've posted on here, due to new day job and a move from VA to TN (spreading my influence, one state at a time, folks), but I'm back, baby! And 2011 is shaping up to be an awesome year...but let's not discuss that right now. Let's look back at 2010, shall we...that's right, it's time for the TOP 10 LIMITED SERIES OF 2010!

Of course, I don't have the time (or more importantly, the money) to read everything, so if I overlooked something stellar this year, by all means, let me know. I should give a few honorable mentions, first...X-Babies (from Marvel - hey, the nostalgia of X-Babies and Star Comics characters got me!), The Ghoul (from IDW - Niles and Wrightson team up again), The Mighty Crusaders (from DC - started slow, but ended nicely), and Light (from Image - bizarre comic about light basically doing people in, worth the read). Now, onto the top 10...

10. Underground (Image)
Parker and Lieber's comic didn't grab me at first, but as each issue went on, I felt myself being drawn to it more and more. The story involves a couple of park rangers trapped in a series of underground caverns, running from some power and money hungry land developers. It reads like a really good action movie, which is something hard to find in comics at times. I have no idea how Lieber was able to capture the feeling of being underground in his artwork, but it's pretty amazing.

9. Atomic Robo (Red 5)
Clevenger and Wegener show no signs of slowing down with the greatness of this book. With it's fourth volume, we see Robo taking on vampires and going to Japan. A good mix of adventure, sci-fi, and humor. As I said before, like a brilliant blend of Hellboy and The Rocketeer.

8. Batman Beyond (DC)
I never really saw much of the cartoon back in the day, but I always heard good things. This new limited series brings Terry McGinnis into the DC Universe, by setting up a storyline where Hush appears to be back in McGinnis' future, taking out former Bat villains. Some old allies show up and a new Catwoman is introduced. This mini series paved the way for the upcoming ongoing by the same creative team of Beechen and Benjamin.

7. Tracker (Image/Top Cow)
I bought this book on a whim and it really impressed me. An FBI agent hunting a serial killer uncovers a strange secret about his assignment...he's a werewolf and he's turned the agent into one as well. I can easily see this comic becoming a pretty decent horror's filled with intrigue, scares, a love triangle, and action.

6. Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four (Marvel)
The same creative team that brought us last year's excellent X-Men/Spider-Man limited series returns to team up ol' Webhead with Marvel's First Family. It's set up in a similar fashion as the X/Spidey one...each issue chronologically represents a different time period in Marvel history with Mr. Parker teaming up with the FF to face an ongoing threat. There's little nods to several plot points in Marvel history here as well, like the Clone Saga and Secret Invasion. I would love another team-up series by Cage and Alberti...maybe a Spidey/Avengers comic coming up??

5. Nemesis (Marvel/Icon)
Mark Millar seems to be one of those comic writers that people love or hate. Regardless of this debate amongst comic fans, I find most of his stuff enjoyable. Nemesis is a prime example...yeah, it's over-the-top violence, but hey, Millar can do that well! I think I read somewhere that this book was described as "What if Batman was a villain?", which is pretty accurate. Nemesis is smart, calculating, and will let nothing stand in his way for revenge. McNiven continues to improve still with some amazing art in this book!

4. Hack/Slash: My First Maniac (Image)
Hack/Slash has never made it to any of my lists in the past, and I actually just really got into the book within the past couple of years. When it made the shift from DDP to Image, Tim Seeley kicked off the transition with this limited series, telling an origin story for Cassie Hack. Why did this book make the cut (no pun intended)? Because it reads like an 80's slasher movie in my opinion...and I'm a huge fan of those! Trust me, if you've watched movies like Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine, April Fool's Day, The Prowler, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Final Terror, you'll get the same type of vibe from this book!

3. Demo (Vertigo)
The first volume of Demo was something I nabbed up from a CBLDF booth at Heroes Con years ago and fell in love with. When I heard Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan were returning the book to DC's Vertigo imprint for a second volume, I was ecstatic. It was great in many ways. Each issue is a stand alone story, centering on someone who has powers...but their personal lives are the real story here, while the powers are the backdrop. That's what makes this book so powerful...strip away the super elements, you have a strong story...something which Wood excels at. And Becky Cloonan's art...what can I say...she continues to amaze me with what she can do with some pencils, pens, and brushes.

2. Afrodisiac (Adhouse)
Jim Rugg is hilarious and talented...we should all hope to be both of those things in our lifetime. His comic/graphic novel about Afrodisiac, a blaxploitation comic character spanning through the decades, nails it on so many levels. Each issue, done in each era or comic imprint's style, is amazingly detailed, and I can't remember a book that has made me laugh out loud so much. Highly recommended!!

1. Daytripper (Vertigo)
Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba...these two guys are the type you love to hate and hate to love. Their stories and artwork are so good, it amazes you but wish you could craft something as excellent. This series is really something different, too, with each issue centering around the death of the main character, Bras, but with the next issue picking up as if he avoided or survived the experience the next issue. A summation by me won't do it yourself a favor and buy this book!

Well, that's it for now...I'll be back real soon with the top 10 ongoing comic titles of 2010.

Til next time,

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