Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4 Months Worth Of Updates...It's A Doozy!

Wow, I's been 4 months since I've updated my blog. I'm sure most people who read this are friends with me on Facebook (if not, add me via the link on the right), so you've read a lot of what's been going on with me. The past several months have been PACKED, and I'm gonna cram a lot into this post...

* The Bee Sting movie Kickstarter was successfully funded and we filmed the majority of the movie throughout April and May. You can follow our progress and see all kinds of coolness by joining the Bee Sting Facebook page or following us on Twitter (links to the right). We have three more days left of filming and we'll finish the editing process. If everything goes as planned, we'll have the movie all done by early fall, but some of the other Kickstarter rewards will start getting shipped soon.

* Simon Says: The Complete Series graphic novel is now available for sale! I debuted it at this year's HeroesCon and sold several copies! It features a brand new beautiful cover by Desiree Pittman and Christine Brunson. The book is packed with all 9 issues and a brand new 15-page bonus story by Henry Eudy, as well as over 40 pages of bonus material not available anywhere else! To top if off, it features a foreword by Matt Fraction (comic writer extraordinaire) and an afterword by Christian Lane (former lead singer of Loud Lucy). You can order it right here!

* Click on that Comixology link to the right! Simon Says #2 and #3 have recently been added for only 99 cents, if you dig the digital comic stuff!

* Back to Bee Sting...I was interviews by Jimmy Aquino for Comics News Insider at HeroesCon this year. He had a lot of nice things to say about the graphic novel and the movie trailer. And at SC Comicon, I was on a comics to movies panel, where I discussed Bee Sting as well as other comic book film adaptations. Check out the links here:
Comics To Movies Panel
Comics News Insider: HeroesCon

* Oh, that Bee Sting's right here, baby!

* Several more cons have been added to the list for this fall. Check out the list over to the right. I'll probably be adding one or two more before the end of the year. Yeah, I became a little crazy with the cons in 2014!

I promise to update more regularly, especially on Bee Sting progress and my next comic project!

Til next time,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Next Con: Mad Monster Party, Charlotte, NC, March 21-23

This past weekend was MGA Con in Macon, GA. The show as a blast and it was great to see so many people get excited to hear about "Bee Sting: The Movie". Hit up that Kickstarter guys!

Coming up next, Michael R. Carr and I will be sharing some table space at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC from March 21-23.

I set up at the show last year and it was amazing. Everything horror you could imagine under one roof with some of the nicest fans who were anxious to read some of my books. Michael will have copies of his new comic, "Quiver", on hand (which I also lettered and formatted) and I'll, of course, have "Blood-Drenched Creature Double Feature" and "Simon Says" for sale.

Hope to see you guys there!

Til next time,

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bee Sting: The Movie is on Kickstarter!!

The Kickstarter for "Bee Sting: The Movie" is live, folks!!

Click on the link HERE (or in the column to the right) to help fund our movie and make out like a bandit with all the reward incentives!!

Til next time,

Friday, February 28, 2014

Next Con: MGA 2014 on March 15 & 16

More news coming soon, regarding the "Bee Sting" movie, "The Adventurers of Liberty City" #10 release, and the "Simon Says" collection graphic novel, but until then...

What's my next convention, you may ask?

You can see I've updated that handy dandy list to the right (and a few more shows will be added in the coming weeks), but next up is the Middle Georgia Comic Con in Macon, GA on March 15 and 16.

It's their very first con and I was pretty excited to hear about such a large con coming to my hometown area. I got the chance to help out a little with compiling the guest list, and it's quite awesome. Hope to see some of you there!

Til next time,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Bee Sting" Movie Poster!

Shit just got real! Filming starts in April...

Til next time,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Simon Says: The Complete Series" Cover

Can I brag a little now? Sure, I'm entitled...
Here's the cover to the upcoming "Simon Says: The Complete Series" graphic novel! Penciled and inked by Desiree Pittman with colors by Christine Brunson.

And yeah, you read that correctly...a foreword by none other than Matt Fraction himself. Pretty groovy, eh?

Looks like the graphic novel will be about 250 pages...I'm wrapping it all up now! More details soon on what's included and the release date.

Til next time,

Monday, February 10, 2014

February Updates!

Lots of big updates here...

* "Quiver" #1 is finished and off to the printers! This dark tale written by Michael R. Carr features artwork by Jason Flowers and I helped out with the lettering and page formatting. It will be released in time for Mad Monster Party next month.

* A lot of progress was made on "The Adventurers of Liberty City" #10 this past week...yes, finally! This issue features two separate 10 page stories, one drawn by me and the other drawn by Brad Jaskula. I have two pages to ink before I move on to lettering them. I should also be working on the cover this week as well, so I'll be posting a sneak of that very soon as well.

* We're getting closer and closer to the "Simon Says" graphic novel release. I've been working hard on formatting and compiling all the stuff for bonus pages, finalizing the cover with the artists, and securing an awesome introduction by someone pretty amazing! The entire books looks like it's going to be roughly 260 pages...pretty massive and great! Check back here for more info soon.

* Some updates have been made to the con listing and I'll be adding more in the next several weeks. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response I had at the Charlotte Minicon to the sketch covers, I'll be sure to have more of these to offer.

Til next time,